Rahakott is the best cryptocurrency wallet that guarantees complete anonymity

Anonymous multicurrency cryptowallet


Here you can quickly and easily create a reliable wallet. You don't need phone number or email.

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The tax and special services often require holders of public wallets for their personal information. This is due to the hacker threat.
At the same time, Rahakott retains the title of reliable, independent, and also the most convenient wallet.

It's time to take back your privacy!

Providing anonymity for Rahakott users

Thanks to the built-in mixer, your transactions will be impossible to track.

We offer deterministic wallets.

You will have access to virtual tunnels like Tor.


We encrypt data on the server

so securely that even developers cannot access it.

Only the owner can reach them with their own mnemonic phrase.

You can also install 2FA on your account.

You will be the sole owner of your funds.

Our wallets are multicurrency

Any popular cryptocurrencies will be available to you, be it ZEC, BTC, Dash or any others.

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The fastest possible registration on Rahakott. You do not need to provide a phone number, come up with a login or anything else.

Your key will be an automatically generated mnemonic phrase (remember it well and do not pass it on to third parties).

Access to the funds will open to you 15 seconds after registration.

Why is Rahakott trusted?

Rahakott is trustworthy as it helps make thousands of transactions every day. We have already managed to transfer more than $ 20 million.

Crypto wallet developers are always in touch. They will provide you with prompt and competent support at any time.

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